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September 2024
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August 2024
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July 2024
Jul 19, 2024
2 incidents

Moderations is down


Resolved Jul 19 at 10:56pm IST

Moderations recovered.

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API services were slow/down

Resolved Jul 19 at 11:48am IST

We deployed an authorization layer update to Portkey which caused our APIs to return 401 to a majority requests. The service came back after 2 minutes of downtime.

Jul 18, 2024
1 incident

GPT-3.5 16k, GPT-3.5, and 1 other service are down


Resolved Jul 19 at 05:11am IST

GPT-3.5 recovered.

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Jul 15, 2024
1 incident

GPT-3.5 16k is down


Resolved Jul 15 at 07:30pm IST

GPT-3.5 16k recovered.

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